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Cali Buds And Carts Shop, is a shop which became fully operational in the year 2017. We consist of a team of devoted psychonauts, mycologists, scientists, and engineers who all possess a deep love for nature’s best gift to mankind “Cannabis and psychedelics”.

Started small in the town of Sacramento, CA but today Cali Buds And Carts Shop has about 12 distribution centers around the US. We’ve made a name for ourselves and have earned the trust of many over the years reason why many will refer our shop to those searching for Cannabis and psychedelics.

We are producers of quality and tested Cannabis and psychedelics always making sure you’re getting safe and properly tested products.


Our mission is simple – to spread love and make the process of getting Cannabis and psychedelics products less cumbersome. We understand the stress many go through to obtain Cannabis and psychedelics for different purposes including medicinal use but can’t always find the right source.

We are here to make sure Cannabis and psychedelic products are easily accessible and affordable to all hassle free. You can now order quality Cannabis and psychedelics from our online shop with ease and be sure to have them delivered fast and securely right to your doorstep!.


Diversity – We prize diversity in all aspects, and are committed to pushing for ever greater variety, especially when it comes to the freedom of thought.

Inovation – Building on ancient wisdom to bring unique,modern solutions and tools for improving mental health.

Dedication – Driven by passion, we pursue our goals with all our hearts and minds.


We are committed to providing not only fun, recreational products, but products that influence good mental health. Buds Mushrooms will stimulate your mind’s creative cells, giving you helpful insight and creativity that may have a long lasting positive impact.

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