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Jack Herer strain has been dubbed a “wake and bake” strain and is reputed to increase energy while relaxing the body just enough to want to keep moving. Buy Jack Herer cannabis strain online from cali buds and carts,Your #1 trusted source for high quality cheap weed. Best weed shop to buy Hybrid weed. Mail order weed from weed dispensary near me

Potency: THC: 13-18%

This strain is a hybrid that slightly leans towards Sativa. It hits up to 18% THC and boasts a vast gene pool behind its elongated buds. If you put the Jack Herer cannabis strain under the microscope, you can see that it bears some features of the Haze variety and Shiva Skunk, coupled with Northern Lights. What a diversified lineage!

As you know, there’s a lot of symbolism in the marijuana world. And the Jack Herer weed is one the most deeply ingrained of its examples. Back in the XX century, Jack Herer was an influential activist whose doings were all aimed at cannabis legalization. His contribution to bringing marijuana to its today’s accessibility level is invaluable.

These days, apart from the namesake weed strain, Jack Herer’s legacy is felt in every word of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” book. It’s still often cited in the global marijuana community as a way to pay homage to the legendary activist.

The high and flavor profile of the Jack Herer weed strain

If you love it when your smoke tastes fruity and floral, Jack Herer will tickle your fancy. It gives off a pleasant orange scent filled with a distinguishable herbal hint. Buy Jack Herer weed with discreet delivery and tracking number. We have the best Jack Herer weed for sale at cali buds and carts dispensary. This citrus flavor is incredibly smooth, making you up for another hit, whether you’re enjoying it in the morning or at night.

A high is just as impressive. Buy Jack Herer weed and get a discreet delivery. Thanks to its genetics, the Jack Herer weed strain strikes an ideal balance in terms of effects, both mentally and physically. That is why it’s best for those who want to:

  • make their hobby time more exciting
  • get an energy rush followed by relaxation as the effects start wearing off
  • fire up creativity and rewire the brain to generate more ideas
  • overcome social anxiety while being in tune with others
  • fight depression and treat chronic pain

Is Jack Herer good enough for you? Be sure it is. As a winner of multiple cannabis awards, this hybrid strain has already proved its worth. Get some at cali buds and carts and try it whenever you want! Buy Jack Herer weed from dispensary near me


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