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Raw Garden carts are among the lowest priced, highest quality, green living green vaporizers in the nation s cannabis industry. Their concentrates are freshly extracted from high quality flowers grown in Santa Barbara County by professional growers. The Concentrates are made without any chemical agents, toxic solvents or preservatives

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For those of us that prefer our medicine with a slightly stronger kick, we recommend the “Throated Coffee” strain, or the “Butterfly.” These have a very strong aroma and taste to them and they are best used in conjunction with Raw Garden Carts. In addition to butterscotch and coffee, you might want to try the new “Honeycomb” strain. These are extremely potent and have a very unique taste that is not quite a blend as it isn’t fully fermented when harvested. We find that this taste makes the “Butterfly” taste a bit too much like coffee, even though it’s not “pure.” But the “Honeycomb” isn’t nearly as strong and definitely has its own unique place in our hearts.

Some other fun combinations include, the “Provence”, which is made with raspberry leaves and cinnamon extract; the “French Vanilla”, which is made with raspberry leaves and white wine or cognac; and the “Cranberry Cream” which is made with cranberries and yogurt, perfect for those who prefer their fruit flavors with a creamier edge. The most popular strain is the French Vanilla, which is a very mild blend of raspberry white strain and cinnamon extract, but we also offer several other strong varieties, depending on what your preference is. We have the Original and French Vanilla. And yes, the Cranberry Cream is absolutely delicious!

Many people who use Raw Garden Carts have suggested that the Truffles that they are serving on them have a better flavor than if they were offered on any other type of variety of cart. While we haven’t done any research to confirm this claim, we will tell you that our local Raw Foods Grocery has a delicious line of truffles that are made with ALCOHAVANA fruit from Brazil. A good indication of quality is if they don’t contain any artificial flavors, colors, or anything of the sort. As with our delicious coffee, truffles are an excellent example of using quality ingredients in small proportions.


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