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Vanilla Kush weed strain THC content averages at 15% with some crops reaping in at 22%. Its high will sink the consumer into the couch or bed, so evening and night time use is best. If you feel like unwinding after a hard day, the Vanilla Kush weed strain is your go-to cannabis variety. A great bonus: your smoke has never tasted so good

Potency: THC: 15-22%
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Vanilla Kush strain – A sweet heaven on earth

Are you casting about for a strain that will make your taste buds happy? Vanilla Kush is for you. Not only does it look like a dessert with milky white trichomes and orange pistils, but it also tastes like one. What its name alludes to is that the Vanilla Kush weed strain boasts a caramelly flavor enhanced with citrus and lavender notes. Snap it up to enjoy the sweetest high at its best!

That said, you’re better off thinking twice if you love it when your weed is mild. Though sweet and palatable, Vanilla Kush is quite potent as its THC level sits between 15-22%. What else could you expect from an Afghan and Kashmir cross?

So who is the Vanilla Kush weed strain for?

Vanilla Kush weed is a top pick for those who don’t mind spending a few hours like couch potatoes. Because it delivers next-level physical sedation, the strain will leave you laid-back and probably lazy. Here’s a piece of cannabis expert advice: never smoke it if you have all too many things to do. Lay your flowers aside until the sun goes down – when you can take some time for yourself.

You can also buy the Vanilla Kush strain if you’re looking for some food for thought. This hybrid will help you unearth it while sparking up your brain activity with Sativa effects. Buy Vanilla Kush weed with or without a medical card. We have the best Vanilla Kush weed for sale online. Who knows, maybe it will bring you to some startling discovery?

Does the Vanilla Kush strain have a medical potential?

Medically, Vanilla Kush can be the best remedy for a myriad of patients. Here’s why:

  • Vanilla Kush makes you relaxed from head to toe. No stress or anxiety will stand between you and your evening chill time.
  • Smoking this strain often results in an overwhelming urge to take a nap. Do you have insomnia? It won’t be a problem anymore.
  • The Vanilla Kush marijuana strain may get you couch-locked with all-body sedation. Buy Vanilla Kush weed with discreet shipping. That helps with muscle tension, pain, and arthritis-related discomfort.

The best thing is that such an effective remedy is anything but pricey. With cali buds and carts, you’re getting Vanilla Kush weed that doesn’t cost you a fortune! Buy Vanilla Kush weed cheap fron cali buds and carts.


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